Frequently asked questions.


How do I book a boat trip?

You book your boat trip via our website www.croatiancruising.nl There you can get all the information about our ships and yachts as well as general information about Croatia.
At the bottom of the desired ship’s page you will find a contact form. Form this our and once received we will contact you. If you prefer to make a booking by phone, this is of course also possible under the telephone number +31615233519

How do I get to Croatia?

That will depend on where you will be departing from. Croatia has a number of international airports for those coming from outside of Europe or from further away within Europe. Within Europe, you can reach Croatia by bus, car, plane and from some locations, even ferry. Flights prices can very greatly, so we recommend comparing flights from multiple carriers.


Where can I find my booked boat?

Most of our cruises depart from the port of Split.
If you land at Split Airport you can catch the shuttle, which will bring you to the Riva (port) and costs around €7. Tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver.
The shuttle will take you to the center of Split where you will be met by one of our employees.
Our employee will escort you to your booked ship.

Please note that some vessels depart from other ports within Croatia. Should this be the case you will receive the specific departure information from us.

It is also possible to book a private shuttle.
We recommend using the following service to book a cheap transfer from the airport to the port.
Booking | GetByTransfer
They will be waiting for you at arrivals with a sign with your name on it. Should your flight be delayed, they will wait for you free of charge.


 Port Split

Obala Lazareta , 21000 Split, Croatia

Here you can find the port of Split where most of our ships are located.

What time do I have to be at the ship?

Check-in time on most ships is 12:30pm. You will be welcomed by the crew with a welcome drink, given a tour of the ship, and directed to your cabin. The ship will depart port at 1:00pm.
These times may vary on some our ships, and should this be the case, we will inform you in advance.
All the specific information about the cruise you booked you will receive in an information folder.

What time is the check out?

Check-out is at 9:00am so that the crew is able to prepare the ship for the next departure on the same day.
But even that time can vary per ship. You will receive the specific timings with your booking.

What does APA stand for?

APA is a designation for "Advanced Provisioning Allowance" which stands for an amount paid in advance for all costs on board. Think of food, drinks, tourist tax, port costs, possible excursions,
the use of jet ski etc. The captain keeps an account of all costs incurred and any unused funds at the end of your cruise will be returned to you.
APA is mainly used on the more luxurious ships, and is always additional to the charter price.

Are the ships safe?

All of our ships are safe.
Before the start of each summer season, all ships are inspected by the Croatian authorities.
Each ship carries a lifeboat, which is inspected every 16 months, and all ships are equipped with various sizes of life jackets for both adults and children. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are also provided.

Is there a doctor on board?

No, there is no doctor on board, but all captains and supervisors are trained in first aid.
In each port there is a medical team that can provide additional care if necessary.


Am I insured on board?
You are insured from the moment you board until the end of your boat trip.
You can purchase travel insurance for the trip to and from Croatia.

Are the boat trips also suitable for children?

Our boat trips are definitely suitable for children. However, we do recommend that children coming aboard have completed some form of swimming certification.

Who will be on board?

The ship's crew will be on board with you and, as well as, if requested, an experienced guide. The crew and guide are there to serve you and ensure the safety of your cruise. The crew typically consists of the captain, sailor, engineer, and chef. The exact number of the crew depends on the size of the ship.

If you have booked a cabin cruise, you will of course be on board with other guests.


Is there a guide on board?

Guides are not standard on our cruises. Our crews are knowledgeable about the areas visited and  are able to share relevant information with you, but a guide can be booked if desired. The guide will take you to booked activities and tours.
When booking, we will ask you if you would like to book a guide.


Which currency is used in Croatia?

Since January 2023 Croatia is using the euro as a currancy.
It's easy to get money from the ATM (make sure to use an ATM from a Croatian bank)
The port tax needs to be paid in cash on board, so make sure that you will have some cash with you.
Also some restaurants and bars, will only take cash money.


What kind of food is served on board?

Croatian food is served on board the ship.
On our ships in the categories of Ultra Luxury, Luxury and Premium a breakfast buffet and 4 course lunch will be served.
On the ships in the traditional categories, breakfast will consist of bread, jam, ham/cheese, coffee/tea and fruit juice.
If requested, an English breakfast can also be ordered at an additional cost.
If you have booked a full board package, dinner will also be served on board.
But of course you can also go ashore to try the local cuisine.
If you charter a boat and prefer a Dutch chef, you can indicate this to us and we will book a Dutch

I have an allergy, will that be taken into account?

We can accommodate any allergies, but it is vital that you let us know about any allergies at the time of your booking. Storage space on boats is limited and meals are carefully planned and all ingredients, besides those products which must be purchased fresh daily, are procured ahead of time. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate allergies that are reported to us after you have boarded the ship.

How do I pay for my drinks ordered on board?

Guests can pay for drinks ordered on board with euros or kunas. This can be done throughout or at the end of your trip.
On our Ultra Luxury or Luxury ships payment by credit card is also possible.
On some ships drink packages are able available. If you are interested in purchasing a drink package, please indicate this at the time of your booking.


Can I bring my own food and drinks on board?

No, outside food and beverages are not allowed on board.
Each ship has a chef who will prepare meals for you.
Snacks can be taken on board.
On some ships you can buy a drink package and may then have the possibility to bring your own drinks on board.
If you have a favorite drink you would like to enjoy on board, let us know. We will be happy to check  if it is stocked in the bar, and if not, we can ensure that it is purchased.
The ships that offer a drink package will have this in the price overview.
Feel free to ask us more about this topic.


What should I not forget to bring?

Please ensure you pack a hat/cap/head covering as the sun can be intense in the summer and on the water the sun is also reflected, which can increase its strength even more.
We recommend packing light clothing but also something with long sleeves or a sweater, as there can sometimes be a cold wind from the sea. And of course don't forget swimwear, sunglasses and sunscreen.


How much luggage can I bring?

There is no limit to the number of bags you are allowed to bring.
However, your luggage must fit in your cabin.
Should have concerns about storing extra luggage, please contact us, we can discuss it with the captain.

Are towels provided on board?

Yes, your cruise package includes towels for showering but we recommend that you bring your own beach towel. On the more luxurious ships, a beach towel is included in the package.

Can I sleep on the deck in the open air?

Yes, you can definitely sleep outdoors, but you not allowed to take your mattress or bed linen outside. Our sunbeds are suitable for sleeping under the stars.

Can I smoke on board?

Yes, you are allowed to smoke on board, but only in designated areas, not in the cabins.
And please don't throw the filter into the sea.


I want to celebrate my birthday on board, is that possible?

Yes ,of course you can celebrate your birthday with us on board.
If you have special wishes such as a birthday cake please let us know when booking.



Do you have any other questions?
Please contact us via the 
contact form.