Our fleet has been carefully selected based on our personal experience and connections to each of their captains.

These captains are family or friends we have known and worked with for years. Because of our personal connection to these ships, we can easily organise every detail of your request.

All ships can be booked for 7-day cruises. On some routes a shorter or longer stay is also possible, Contact us to discuss further possibilities. 

In the Ultra Luxury category you will find ships that are equipped with everything you need to enjoy a luxurious holiday.
Grand master cabins, large salons, jacuzzi, sauna, and jet skis are just some of the luxuries provided to ensure that you will feel like you are in a 5 star hotel at sea, while our top chefs provide culinary delights for your enjoyment.

In our Luxury category, you will find ships with more capacity than those found in our Ultra Luxury category but are equipped with all of the conveniences to ensure a luxury stay at sea. The ships in this category can also accommodate larger groups than those in our Ultra Luxury category.

Jacuzzi, water skis and paddle boards are provided on board. 

Many dream of owning a yacht; now you can come aboard and enjoy the luxury of a yacht holiday with us.

In the category Mini Cruisers, you will find beautiful motor yachts capable of accommodating larger groups of people, some of which are suitable for up to 46 people.

Enjoy cabins with in suite bathrooms, outfitted sundecks and beautifully decorated modern salons. 

In our Premium category, we offer beautiful ships with a traditional look, with charming wooden details inside.

Cabins are slightly smaller in this category than in the above categories, but still include in suite bathrooms. 

In our Traditional category we offer ships with a rich history.
Once used as cargo vessels, these ships were converted around 1970 into some of Croatia’s first passenger ships. The ships are slightly smaller than those in our other categories, so rather than in suite bathrooms, you will find in-cabin sinks and shared toilet/showers on the main deck. 

In the category of gulets, we offer vessels that can be propelled by sails or engine. Recently renovated, our gulets offer a charming mix of modern and authentic. 

Gulets are vessels crafted mainly from wood with high masts and sails,. Gulets vary in length and can typically accommodate up to 12 passengers. A large open dining area at the back of the vessel along with a  lounge area with mats at the front give the gullet its main appeal.

In the category catamarans you will find our selection of catamarans.
These vessels are more spacious than you might think at first glance. With a modern interior, our catamarans are equipped with all the comforts and several extras; Mala, for instance, even provides folding bikes for your use while onboard. 

They are beautiful, luxurious, and there isn’t a ship nor a passenger that won’t turn to look at these majestic yachts.
You will also be thrilled with their comfortable cabins, which are furnished according to the latest global standards.

Vranjak is the ideal ship for your diving cruise. You find everything you need to dive on board.
Diving equipment rental is available and the ship can accommodate up to 20 guests.