Croatian Cruising's Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings.
The general terms and conditions on this website may change in the interim.
With each booking you will be asked to agree with our terms and conditions.
Local taxes and fees may apply. All prices are considered accurate at the time of publication and may change in the meantime. All offers are based on availability at the time of booking. Obvious mistakes are not binding.


How to book?

Extensive information about our destinations and yachts is available on our website
We are happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to make a booking, you can do so by phone or email.
The main booker must be at least 18 years old and must be authorized to make a booking on behalf of all fellow travelers.

After you have made a request, we will contact the owner of the ship.
From that moment on, your request has been changed to an option.
If the captain agrees, we will send the invoice to you. 
(It may take 24 hours for us to come back to you with the captain's reply.)

When booking, you will be required to make a deposit equal to 50% of the invoice amount.
As soon as we have received the payment, you will receive a Booking Confirmation from us.
As of the invoice date, you have an agreement with the owner of the ship. Please check your Booking Confirmation carefully and contact us directly if there are any inaccuracies. For bookings within 6 weeks before departure, we will confirm your booking upon receipt of the full payment.

After your booking has been confirmed, you will no longer be able to claim special offers and discounts. The final payment must be paid no later than 8 weeks before departure. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you miss the final payment deadline – this does not cancel your obligation to complete payment.

The names on your travel documents must match the names as written in the corresponding passports.
After receiving your final payment, we will send you your boarding pass for the ship by email, no later than 2 weeks before departure.


In case of cancellation

The following cancellation fees apply should you cancel before departure:

·  up to 30 days after your booking no charge. You will only be charged administration costs.

·  Up to 60 days before your original departure date: 50% of the charter

·  From 59 days to 8 days before your original departure date: 100% of the charter (excluding options and extras)

·  From 7 days before your original departure date: 100% of the total travel sum (including options and extras)

If you have cancellation insurance, your cancellation costs can be reimbursed as long as the reason for the cancellation is covered by the insurance.


In the event of changes made by you

Should you wish to change your booking to a different period or category of ship, this is possible on request.
Depending on the type of change and the time of change, change fees and/or cancellation fees may apply. In general, modification is only possible up to 120 days before departure, but exceptions are possible. Please ask us about the specific possibilities for your booking. If you wish to change to another ship, this is only possible if that ship is also available at that time.


In the event of a change by us

There is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances that could prevent the charter you have booked from going ahead.
This may be, for example, because the ship suffered damage during the previous charter or due to weather conditions.
Should that be the case, we will always try to offer you a similar ship (we consider a ship of the same size with the same number of cabins on board to be a comparable ship). If you do not agree with the alternative we offer you, we will see if it is possible to book the originally booked ship at another time.

If you do not agree with a suitable alternative and you wish to cancel the trip, Croatian Cruising is not liable for any costs resulting from cancellation of air travel or accommodation.

Force majeure

Croatian Cruising is not liable for loss, damage, delay or failure of performance due to force majeure, including but not limited to acts of God, fire, extremes of the elements, epidemics, war (declared or undeclared), acts of war, rebellion, revolution or civil struggle, or hostile action, strikes or disagreements with workers, acts of a public enemy, federal or state laws, rules and regulations of government agencies that have or exercise jurisdiction over groups, organisations or informal associations (whether formally or informally recognised as a government), and any other cause beyond Croatian Cruising's reasonable control which makes it impossible to continue operations.

In the event of a delay or failure due to an event described above: All payments for the charter will be used as payment for a future charter. No refund will be granted.

Croatian Cruising will work with you to book a new charter on another vessel that is acceptable to the renter, at a new location, or on new dates, or both, based on availability and the renter's preference. If
it is not possible to book a new charter at that time, renter’s deposit will remain as a credit with Croatian Cruising and you can use it for a new cruise with us.
Croatian Cruising is not responsible for any additional costs you incur as a result of changes to your charter due to force majeure.


Website information

The website has been compiled with information as it was known at the time of publication. The information has been carefully checked and was correct at the time of publication. However, changes to the program, in the ports and on the yachts are always possible, so we accept no liability for changes. When requesting a booking, we will inform you to the best of our ability about any significant changes. Croatian Cruising has the right to change routes, yachts and equipment without prior notice, where Croatian Cruising deems this necessary.


Complaints during the trip must be reported directly to the Croatian Cruising employee on site.
Complaints about the service on board can also be passed on to an employee of Croatian Cruising. Or on our phone number 06-15233519.
If that does not work, we would like to ask you to contact us in writing within 14 days after your boat trip.
Otherwise, we will not be able to process your complaint.
We strive to give you a great experience and we would like to be able to improve if something does not go well.


The prices for a charter are based on a 7-day trip and include 13% Croatian VAT for the entire boat.
The price also includes the crew, fuel for the ship calculated at 4 sailing hours per day, the use of the generator and air conditioning, towels and linen and the cleaning of the ship.
For some ships the above may differ, if this is the case for your booked ship, we will inform you accordingly.

The prices for booking a cabin are based on 1 person for a 7-day trip and include 25% Croatian VAT. Most cabins accommodate 2 people (some 3), there for the price per cabin is the per person price x 2. There is therefore an extra charge for people travelling independently.
If necessary, we can offer you the option, if available, to share the cabin with someone of the same sex, which will void the surcharge.


As much as we would like to sell you a sunny holiday, we cannot change the weather.
And if this makes your boat trip different than expected, we share your disappointment, but no refund will be granted. However, the crew will do their utmost to make your stay as fun as possible.