The Game of Thrones series has contributed to Croatia’s rise in popularity amongst tourists in recent years.
Scenes from the series were shot in various locations throughout the country, but Dubrovnik stands out as the hot spot for most fans. Dubrovnik was transformed into King’s Landing, the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms, on the hit TV show.

Not only did cities in Croatia serve as filming locations, but nature also made an appearance in the series. Many of landscape scenes of Westeros were shot in the forests of the Krka National Park.

Filming took place in Split as well, mainly within Diocletian’s Palace. The palace is incredible and definitely worth a visit whether you have seen the series or not. Several scenes were shot in the cellars of the this palace where Daenerys locked up her dragons. The
cellars are open to visitors, with a section dedicated to souvenir stalls.

The fact that Dubrovnik caught the eyes of the series creators brought many advantages to the region. The impressive scope of the production alone brought work to thousands of locals: extras, support crew and local businesses. Tourism has also benefited greatly. The coastal city was already the country's most popular tourist destination, but Game of Thrones has provided an extra boost. In
Dubrovnik, as well as other filming locations such as Split and Sibenik, the success of Game of Thrones has made a clear difference. Tourism accounts for one sixth of all production in Croatia and is therefore crucial to the country’s economy. In 2014, foreign tourism increased by about six percent, to about 13 million visitors.

Photo: HBO